The Snow White story book app for iPad, iPhone & iPod touch

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Snow White

A magical story that’s full of adventure!

Beautiful animated illustrations

Subtle animations enhance the story and grab the attention. Watch the magic mirror come to life, see the clouds slowly drifting away.

Every page comes with superb full screen artwork. Our illustrators are real artists! You can choose to turn the pages at your own pace or make them turn automatically.

For your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

It’s free to download Snow White on the App Store and like all our apps you can preview the first few pages. iPad users can read the whole story in “Read it myself” mode.

Tap on the button below to add this beautiful story to your collection. 

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Snow White

Enchanting music

Music from Brahms complements the story superbly. The music fades automatically while the narrator is speaking so that the storytelling remains clear and engaging.

Or, you can turn the music off if you prefer and use the app as a virtual book.

Text highlighting 

Words in the Full version are highlighted as the story is read. This encourages young learners to follow the words and read along with the narrator.

It’s a great way of helping your children gain confidence while learning their ABCs.

Great storytelling

Snow White is brought to life by one of our team of professional narrators (knowing how to tell a story makes a difference!). 

There is also a "Read it myself" mode to turn the voice off. Then you can read the story yourself, advancing the pages at your own pace.