Bertie’s ABC, an educational app for iPad, iPhone & iPod touch

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Three educational games

Bertie’s ABC

All you need to introduce young learners to the alphabet.

Learning is fun!

Two interactive discovery sections and three educational games make learning fun.

Bertie’s ABC is packed with flashcards, illustrations and sounds to help children take their first steps into the world of books and reading.

Available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, Bertie’s ABC is ready to download on the App Store now!

Bertie’s ABC rhyme

Featuring Bertie the Guinea Pig, Bertie's ABC is a fun rhyme, all about the letters of the alphabet.

Hear the whole poem or tap on individual cards to look at each letter and illustration in turn.

Flash cards, phonic sounds and illustrations really bring the alphabet to life.

Voice menus and easy navigation guide your child through every stage. 

Letters & Sounds

Take a closer look at each card with Bertie’s interactive Letters & Sounds.

Clear illustrations and audio help children make the connection between the shape of each letter and its sound.

You can tailor the app to view the alphabet in upper case or lower case and you can choose to hear the letters by name or by their phonic sounds too.

Tested by teachers... and children!

Bertie’s ABC has been created in consultation with children, parents and early years teachers.

It’s a fully adaptable way of helping young learners take their first steps into the world of books and reading.

Bertie’s ABC is both engaging and absorbing, so now you can continue the learning at home, with lots of fun along the way! 

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Carrot Quiz

This game encourages letter identification by asking questions about each one. It really is learning while having fun and correct answers win carrots for Bertie.

Matching Pairs

Tap on the face-down cards the app gives you to find the letters that match. Matching Pairs helps children become familiar with letter shapes by identifying similarities.

Big & Small

Learn the difference between upper and lower case versions of the same letter. See how letters are written in different ways and learn the association between the cases.